About the Writer

Before I get big-headed and self-involved with three paragraphs to describe myself, I want to say this one thing: I share what I write as a portfolio, as practice, and also as a means to contact people who are interested in help from a writer. If you need something written, editted, or even translated into Español, I’m your girl. Contact me here.

Now, let’s talk about me. 😉

I am a writer (I know, gasp!) in love with words and languages. I’m a Taurus, was born in the year of the Dog, and am either an INFP or INFJ. Personality tests and astrology are one of my guilty pleasures, but I’m pretty sure that regardless of my Hogwarts house (Ravenclaw!) or fairy tale creature I resemble (unicorn!), I’m me and I’m perfectly capable of change (hopefully in a positive direction) and growth.

Defining myself by what I do, I go to church faithfully (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), I swim regularly, I work in an eye doctor office, I read a lot but still not as much as my older brother, I write (obviously) and I doodle/ draw. For fun, I watch movies with said brother and with my sister as often as funds and interest allow. I listen to copious amounts of music and dance alone in an empty house with pleasure. I spend both too much and too little time shopping, cleaning, and maintaining good hygiene (the few times my mom has paid for mani/pedis, the people who help me are always disgusted by my nails).

My goals in life are to a) be happy, b) have my own family (hubby and kids, the lot), c) figure out this life thing, and d) become a fabulously wealthy author, enough to pay off my debt, my family’s debts, and travel the world pretending it’s research for my next book. And, despite my beliefs against such a thing, I would love it if something I wrote were so important to someone that they would choose my words as their tattoo. I want to write something with such influence on someone. I’d accept keychains or shirts instead. No need for pain and (*shudder*) needles.

Thank you for reading.