The only kind of plagiarism that is acceptable is when we plagiarize ourselves, so I’ve been looking through my old work assignments for ideas and stories and poems to rework. What I enjoy about this task is finding gems like the one I’m going to share. I was quirky and funny a long time before I appreciated that about myself.

What I am going to share is my Declaration of Independence. The assignment was to write in the style or format of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. I hope you enjoy:

Sierra’s Declaration of Independence

October 2009

There is one tyrant in this world that has captured and broken many. There is one tyrant in this world that ruins weekends. There is one tyrant in this world that makes the imagination hard to keep when someone is growing up. There is one tyrant in this world that confuses parents and mystifies children. There is one tyrant in this world that is universally disliked and disregarded. There is one tyrant in this world that, upon hearing its name, all groan in anguish. There is one tyrant in this world that I will speak out against. This tyrant is known as The Dreaded Highness, Homework.

Teachers in general tend to think that The Dreaded Highness is a genius and is the best person to come around. Students can see through Homework’s superficial grin. Homework has great plans. He plans to crush our friend and ally, Imagination. Imagination is a wonderful, kind, compassionate person that helps us stay young at heart. Homework is slowly driving Imagination away with slick words and distracting work.

Homework keeps us from enjoying all of our weekends.

Homework keeps us from playing with Imagination, Fun and our other friends.

Homework keeps us from our reading time with Imagination.

Homework keeps us occupied when we should be spending time with the ones we love.

Homework keeps us from sleep many nights.

Homework keeps us educated and distant from friends.

Homework keeps all of us captive to Homework’s will and not our own.

For these treacheries, I propose that we take action. I say that we defy Homework’s will and take an hour each day to hang out with our friends. Hang out with friends, hang out with family, do some reading with Imagination and Fun, do anything not related to Homework or Homework’s Secret Base- aka School. This would shock Homework and I know it would be detrimental to the evil scheme to drive Imagination and Fun away. We mustn’t let this travesty happen. Imagination and Fun depend on us. We mustn’t let them down!!!

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay