Alone (with you)

Life is high, we're hallelujah sweet
When I need, then God save me
Take me home, hosanna, baby.
Lonely with you
Lonely with
Together meant
For my hurt, I was their muse
Where the hell were you?
You missed all the cues.
You, my heart it zooms, it's true
I would rather let you go-
Be alone than lonely with you.
Choir empty, band all gone;
No one left here to support
One sucker punch and done.
You were meant to be my bass
I your winning melody
But resolution never came.
Lonely with you.
Lonely with
Together meant
Blind to cues and deaf
To countless pleas
I'm leaving you already left.
You've been making lonely here
While I've been making good my
Promises with melody of care
Alone without you
Strong without
Together but
Without you.