Dear Sierra,

There are things I wish you knew, things that people don’t tell you until it’s too late. Things like I should have verified the patient’s information before hanging up, or like remembering to save frequently so that when the computer crashes, you’re safe. The little things, but also the big things.

Big things like how I wish you knew how special you are. No, not short bus special, just unique. The way you think is different. And it needs to be shared. Don’t shut yourself up and don’t shut yourself down.

Next, I want you to know that you’re not beautiful. I said that so you’d pay attention. You are fascinating and attractive and lovely inside and out. You may feel inadequate, but beauty is not a competition. Don’t listen to the voice in your head that complains about your nose, your mouth, your size. You are beautiful. You are. Look at your reflection and at pictures and recognize that you are beautiful. Stop looking for flaws and start looking for beauty. You always find what you seek.

Speaking of seeking, look for the good in yourself. You make mistakes. Everyone does. Look for the good in yourself like you do for other people. Love yourself enough to accept and admit the mistake, do what you can to make it right, then move on. Be the person who owns errors and fixes them.

And for the past mistakes you can no longer fix, forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for stupid classroom comments, for errors years old. Don’t give old mistakes power over you. Don’t cringe because children laughed at what you said decades ago. Forgive yourself.

Then, stop apologizing for following your passions. You are who you are and you shouldn’t ever be ashamed of following your own conscience and your own desires. Yes, you made mistakes on the journey and you weren’t the only one with consequences, but you can’t live your life apologetically. Mistakes were made and lessons were learned. Love yourself enough to forgive yourself. Love yourself enough to work off the debt while still pursuing what you love.

Love yourself enough to not give up because it’s hard. Remember your motivations and remember your passions. Don’t put them aside because you haven’t found immediate success. Give yourself time. Never give up on the things that matter to you and never surrender to negative self-talk.

You are loved. You are worth loving. You love others. God loves you and you love God. Love yourself enough to improve every day. Don’t ever give up on yourself. You are becoming your potential. Improve little by little and forgive yourself the mistakes. Be better tomorrow. Be better the next hour, better the next minute, better the next second. Either there will or there won’t be another tomorrow, but you can be better in a moment. You can apologize, you can forgive, you can do that thing you couldn’t do a moment before. You know what’s right. And in a moment, you can change.

So, straighten up in the chair. Finish the letter to yourself. Admire how utterly ridiculous and inspiring you are. Then back to work, back but a little better.

With love,


Image from Atlantios on Pixabay