See Me

Here amalgamations of sediments
Crystals merged with rocks untouched
Spilled stone lines, walls, stumbles
Hear rustling wind rummaging through flora
Chittering, twittering, cicadas, chickadees
Communication without consciousness.
Flicker of feathers, chirping, fleeting
As busy buzzes drip sunlight, look!--
A shiver, tense-- quiet!-- a blink and away
Entrancing drops of rain pirouette
And trickle and rise, rushing on
Torrents flash, trying the roots
Among aspen and pine and bush,
gold tumbles toward sabres en garde
To chocolate soil molding, budding life
Beneath piercing needles and thorns
Blood and death bursting to form anew
Tearing teeth turn scraps to fertilize
Through dangers and wonders, please!
See me within this wild world of myth
A moment to see, a lifetime to know.

Image by SplitShire from Pixabay